To Pin or Not to Pin: The Pinterest Copyright Controversy

#SoldOutChat returns to Twitter. Join Us. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL. 2013.

After responding for a third time this week on Facebook regarding the Pinterest Copyright Controversy, it was decided an official Above Promotions Company blog post must be created.   You’ve read other hot topics on this blog, why not this one? To Pin or Not to Pin, that is the question.  (At least that is how … Continue reading

Is the Levi’s Brand Hitting the Ad Mark for Their Curve Jeans?

An old Levi’s jean advertisement from 2010 has managed to circulate the internet again.  Rehashing the criticism previously experienced. However, the more recent ad does appear to be closer to addressing the concern of representing various curves.  It’s just not as obvious as to those who may not understand female body types. What do you think?  … Continue reading

Is Spitting in Golf Bad for a Player’s Image

   As a sports fan one can see athletes doing things that well, just wouldn’t look right at the dinner table in your local church hall.  Yet there is one habit many do on a regular basis many of us wouldn’t think twice about.  For instance spitting while on the field.  Unfortunately, for professional golfer, Keegan … Continue reading

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