Mending Broken Fences: Jeremy Lin and ESPN Editor

If you recall a few weeks ago, a post was shared here regarding Jeremy Lin and one of the offensive remarks which took place publicly. Since then, one of the most publicly scrutinized one has probably come from an ESPN editor, Anthony Federico.  Anthony was fired and re-hired later by the sports network. Well, don’t … Continue reading

Skittles’ and AriZona Iced Tea’s Comments on Trayvon Martin

Once the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman had gone global one couldn’t help but notice the two brands at the center of attention, Skittles (a Mars Company) and AriZona Ice Tea.  From activists to celebrities, people were told to use either brand to send a message to the Sanford Police Department or the Zimmerman … Continue reading

Dissecting the Letter by George Zimmerman’s Dad to the Public

    On February 26th, Trayvon Martin (17 years old) was killed by George Zimmerman (28 years old) during what some may describe as an altercation. Zimmerman, who called 911 to report a suspicious individual, admitted to killing Martin in self-defense. The Sanford Police Department came under public scrutiny after no official arrest was made … Continue reading

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