Top 10 Reasons to Love WordPress

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Sure it seems a bit taboo to do a post on WordPress about loving WordPress, but it just makes sense. There’s a sense of joy in checking the stats or replying to comments.   Of course sharing great information and having a place to share the witty thoughts that creep into mind at 1 am helps too, … Continue reading

Will the $50,000 Loan Debt of a Deceased Student Cost KeyBank More?

Back in 2012, the Wall Street Journal did a story on the loan debt left to Christopher Bryski’s family after he passed away from a brain tumor.  The Huffington Post followed up this week with an update to the Bryski family.  Apparently KeyBank has continued to bill Christopher’s father since his death in 2006.  According to … Continue reading

Pay Dirt for Reality TV Shows

Apparently unscripted television is where the real bucks are at.   While checking various news feeds and an article by The Hollywood Reporter titled, “Ryan Seacrest: 5 Things I Learned From Dick Clark“, a related article was revealed, “Ryan Seacrest to continue as ‘American Idol’ host“.   Intrigued of course by the amount of advertising dollars being spent on … Continue reading

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