Poll Time: I’m Tired of Hearing About…

Tired of these news stories? Above Promotions Company. August 2012. Image courtesy of StillSearc.

  This week there have been a number of stories circulating the media and internet. Which ones are you tired of hearing about the most? Ha! Can’t possibly be the last one, right? To find out more information on Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation, please visit http://becauseyouresmall.wordpress.com. Be sure to pick … Continue reading

Pinterest is Mobile!

So you may not have an excitement for this blog post today, but if you’re a business owner who is looking for great ways to go viral with your product or service, this should warrant at least a “great!” Pinterest has been the go-to social media image and research site for millions of users over … Continue reading

Poll Time! Weekend Sales?

For many businesses whether you are a retail, restaurant or business-to-business model. At some point, you may have run a sale or considered it. We want to know how often you’ve hosted a sale over the weekend. Take our poll and if so inclined, please share the results of the weekend sale.     ********************* … Continue reading

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