What “Buzz” Can Do for You

The lunch crowd waiting for their tables inside of Gladys' and Ron's Chicken and Waffles in Downtown Atlanta. Photo by Above Promotions. Tampa, FL 2012.

I have to preface today’s blog with a little bit of background. Recently while at a good friend’s barbecue during Labor Day weekend in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL, the conversation ventured on the subject of Atlanta and a few good restaurants. Not really knowing I would make a sudden trip to the area in the … Continue reading

Happy National Punctuation Day

What can we say about the importance of punctuation marks The ability to know where to begin and end would be a challenge for many of us Imagine your Amazon Kindle reader with books that contained text without those little symbols that can take words from drab to fab So with that said we salute … Continue reading

Are YOU Using THE Most Annoying Phrase During a Media Interview?

The Most Annoying Phrase During Media Interviews. Photo Courtesy of John De Boer. Above Promotions Company Tampa, FL. 2012.

We probably should have conducted an official poll for this as this is really more or less a media consultant’s pet peeve. Although there was no survey with 1,000 participants attempting to discover what is the most annoying phrase used during interviews, some time was spent looking for facts or results from others to back up the claim being … Continue reading

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