Sesame Street and Elmo Live On?

To the surprise of many who support and adore the Elmo character, Kevin Clash, the long time voice of the famous puppet, and his off-screen life placed some uncertainty over its fate. As of today, a third man, has come forward indicating he too had an inappropriate relationship with Clash when he was a teen. This … Continue reading

Firing an Employee Could Make for Bad Press

Bad Press: Sink or Swim. Above Promotions Blog. Photo Courtesy of Idea22.

If ever there were a reason to ensure you have a crisis communication plan in place, the story of Tomas Lopez, a former employee of Jeff Ellis and Associates based in Orlando, FL, would be a prime case. To briefly summarize the story. Lopez left his stationed area on Hallandale Beach in Florida to help … Continue reading

Tiger Woods in a Stare Down… Not So Sure About That

Well it goes without saying, the press conferences athletes participate in provide nice sound bites for hours, days and even years to follow.   One recent example of this is the press conference by Tiger Woods held before the Honda Classic in south Florida.  (Take a look at this clip of Tiger Woods posted on ESPN and let … Continue reading

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