Social Media, Marco Rubio and Poland Spring Water

Last night’s GOP rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address given by Marco Rubio created quite the stir on social media. Twitter went ablaze with jokes on Rubio’s off-camera reach for a bottle of Poland Spring water. Since then more tweets and news stories covering the drinking of water has sparked a … Continue reading

Papa John’s: It’s Time to Slice Humble Pie

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s, first came under attack after his address to shareholders in August. What wasn’t meant to be a public declaration of being against the Affordable Healthcare Act as introduced under the administration of President Barack Obama, turned into a discussion gaining a lot of confusion and animosity towards the pizza … Continue reading

Don’t Forget: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Politics of It All

Don't forget. Don't get caught up in the emotions of politics online. Photo courtesy of Ronaldo Taveira. Above Promotions Company 2012.

It would be too easy and probably too late to bring up Pizza Hut (please click the Pizza Hut link and read this humorous take on the story) and their short-lived debate advertising campaign. Although it must be said, that their marketing tactics accomplished what it needed to do. No one would really expect a person to stand … Continue reading

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