Adam Ryan Lanza Facebook Pages?

It’s been a few days after the Connecticut shooting, but I have to share what I have always thought to be one of the most peculiar things about social media. For those of you who have created fan pages on Facebook, you know how easy it is to create or add new pages. Becoming an admin to … Continue reading

How Do You Handle Social Media During a National Crisis

Candles to remember the innocent victims of the shootings that occurred in public places in the U.S. in 2012. Photo Courtesy of Irum Shahid. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL 2012.

It can easily be said that the public shootings of innocent people from Colorado to Connecticut and places in between, have been moments we will never forget. As fellow humans we immediately begin to feel sorrow for those involved. In many cases, the tragedies force you to stop and reflect on the value of life and … Continue reading

Mending Broken Fences: Jeremy Lin and ESPN Editor

If you recall a few weeks ago, a post was shared here regarding Jeremy Lin and one of the offensive remarks which took place publicly. Since then, one of the most publicly scrutinized one has probably come from an ESPN editor, Anthony Federico.  Anthony was fired and re-hired later by the sports network. Well, don’t … Continue reading

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