3 Tips to Keep Your Customers in Love with You

Great Customer Service goes a long way. Image by Thad Zajdowicz. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL

As each January arrives, many businesses spend time reviewing their publicity and marketing campaigns for the year along with budgets. By February, they are knee-deep in their creative development or executing their plans. However, during the month of February, it’s a great idea to review your customer service strategies. We have all heard it over and … Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search: Focus On These Two Things Now

  Images and friends can truly take their social connection and interests to the next level with the introduction of Facebook’s Graph Search. It’s the chance to group friends of like interests through a search. You can skip having to post as a status, “Anyone gone to XYZ restaurant yet?” As an avid user of … Continue reading

To Honor or Not Honor a Coupon

A recent experience by someone close to me really sent my marketing mind in a tizzy. I was in shock to see how even a larger “small” business with thousands of customers could handle a situation poorly. Ready to hear what perplexed me? For purposes of this story, let’s call the main character Jon. One … Continue reading

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