POLL Friday: Why Do They Follow You?

In the world of social media for business, many owners focus on increasing the numbers of fans, followers and likes. (Note: we’re not anti-this thought process, so don’t bail on the article yet.) Even if you have a great product, service, content, pictures and prizes, people still may not like your page. With that in mind, various leaders … Continue reading

What Happens at 1,000 Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers? pt 1

Is Your Team Sitting Around Wondering Why Fan Likes are Going Up and Leads Aren't Coming In? Photo Courtesy of Sigurd Decroos.

What is the fascination with numbers on social media sites?  What Happens at 1,000 Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers?  Will the business suddenly receive tons of new customers?  Odds are that will not be the likely outcome.  As we know, it often takes a few touches and brand recognition to get sales from marketing efforts. … Continue reading

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