Staying Out of Trouble

Staying Out of Trouble. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL 2013

Being a small business owner with a small staff makes it easy for mistakes to occur. Some are more costly than others. Although it is never ones intent to get their business into trouble, it happens. But what if you could avoid those mistakes? What if you knew what building codes would cause immediate issues for … Continue reading

Instagram Changes: Stay or Run?

Instagram Changes Stirring Up Users. Photo Courtesy of Billy Alexander. Above Promotions Company Tampa, FL 2012

  Wow! The internet is seriously buzzing over the upcoming Terms of Use Policy for Instagram becoming effective on January 16, 2013. Many of you don’t like or fear legal terms so here is the main thing to know about the changes. Of course you should read the entire policy for yourself to ensure you … Continue reading

To Pin or Not to Pin: The Pinterest Copyright Controversy

#SoldOutChat returns to Twitter. Join Us. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL. 2013.

After responding for a third time this week on Facebook regarding the Pinterest Copyright Controversy, it was decided an official Above Promotions Company blog post must be created.   You’ve read other hot topics on this blog, why not this one? To Pin or Not to Pin, that is the question.  (At least that is how … Continue reading

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