Papa John’s: It’s Time to Slice Humble Pie

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s, first came under attack after his address to shareholders in August. What wasn’t meant to be a public declaration of being against the Affordable Healthcare Act as introduced under the administration of President Barack Obama, turned into a discussion gaining a lot of confusion and animosity towards the pizza … Continue reading

Yesterday….Marketing Strategy Book, Debate and a Memorable Date.

Because You're Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation. 2012

Yesterday was an exciting day at Above Promotions Company! The Creative Director, Ebony Grimsley, launched her book Because You’re Small on 10/11/12. Responses have already started to roll in and the message of a new marketing business book has been dispersed. If you’re a reader of this blog, you will find the book to follow … Continue reading

Russell Brand and Steve Jobs Tribute???

In getting this morning’s Today Show on NBC fix, a report was aired on Russell Brand being issued a police warrant.  Brand apparently seized an iPhone from a photographer and threw it through a window at a law firm. When Matt Lauer mentioned Brand’s reason why and what he posted on Twitter, it was definitely one for the … Continue reading

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