5 Things to Consider When Updating Your Brand’s Name

    It’s rough being a woman in business. Especially when you are single when you launch your company/brand. Because the day will come for many of us to have to change our name. We see numerous celebrities simply keep their name while a few do make the switch. So do you create the hyphenated birth … Continue reading

Billions Still Couldn’t Keep Negativity Away from Facebook and WhatsApp

In public relations, it’s not always about what is being said, but about what is being said. Yep. Catch that if you can. When the news broke online about Facebook acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion in stocks, shares and cash (up from the $10 billion offered by Google), I along with many others in the … Continue reading

Can a Crisis Undo Rebranding Efforts by Radio Shack?

In the electronics business, you are only as good as the newest product you are selling. A company with close to 100 years in the business is bound to fall behind at some point in time. For them the past few years have been an attempt to just catch up in order to compete with … Continue reading

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