Sesame Street and Elmo Live On?

To the surprise of many who support and adore the Elmo character, Kevin Clash, the long time voice of the famous puppet, and his off-screen life placed some uncertainty over its fate. As of today, a third man, has come forward indicating he too had an inappropriate relationship with Clash when he was a teen. This … Continue reading

Election Results: Social Media is the Winner

Election Ads are OVER! Image Courtesy of MSNBC Now. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL 2012

One thing is for sure. Social Media won the 2012 U.S. Elections! It’s hard to think back to 8 years ago and how differently those U.S. elections went amongst the people around the world. Where as it would take you days or months to really learn what your friends, family members, business associates and customers think about … Continue reading

Twitter Storms from Last Night’s Debate: Save Sesame Street, KitchenAid and New Moderator

Romney Upsets Sesame Street Fans. Presidential Debate October 3, 2012. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL. Viral Photo.

  For a person who loves to study crisis communications, a Presidential debate is like Christmas in July. You know something will be said to irritate the public and given the ease of spreading messages over social media, one can expect a good meme or two from it. Surely a comment or two would come up … Continue reading

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