Sesame Street and Elmo Live On?

To the surprise of many who support and adore the Elmo character, Kevin Clash, the long time voice of the famous puppet, and his off-screen life placed some uncertainty over its fate. As of today, a third man, has come forward indicating he too had an inappropriate relationship with Clash when he was a teen. This … Continue reading

Are YOU Using THE Most Annoying Phrase During a Media Interview?

The Most Annoying Phrase During Media Interviews. Photo Courtesy of John De Boer. Above Promotions Company Tampa, FL. 2012.

We probably should have conducted an official poll for this as this is really more or less a media consultant’s pet peeve. Although there was no survey with 1,000 participants attempting to discover what is the most annoying phrase used during interviews, some time was spent looking for facts or results from others to back up the claim being … Continue reading

Pay Dirt for Reality TV Shows

Apparently unscripted television is where the real bucks are at.   While checking various news feeds and an article by The Hollywood Reporter titled, “Ryan Seacrest: 5 Things I Learned From Dick Clark“, a related article was revealed, “Ryan Seacrest to continue as ‘American Idol’ host“.   Intrigued of course by the amount of advertising dollars being spent on … Continue reading

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