Laugh! It’s Thanksgiving…Again!

Does email still get delivered on Thanksgiving meme - weknowmemes Above Promotions Company Tampa FL 2013

It’s time for our annual roundup of Thanksgiving memes! Last year we scoured the internet for some great laughs for you to share with others. Feel free to pass on via any of the social media share links below. Now on to some of our favorites. We all know it’s about the pre-turkey day workout. There … Continue reading

Our Number One Marketing Tip for the Holiday Season

Number Your Holidays. Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL

The holiday season has arrived and many of you may have plans to run specials to attempt to increase sales. While the entire retail industry will be running numerous specials, very few will manage to stand out from the rest. Here is our number one marketing tip for the holidays this year! Number Your Holiday … Continue reading

Laugh It’s Thanksgiving!

Here are just a few memes that caught my eye and I hope can keep you laughing when the in-laws are driving you crazy or the spouse can’t seem to finish cooking that dinner.     Nothing like growing up to help you appreciate a good meal. A little humor for social media users or … Continue reading

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