The Change

So this year you finally made moves to expand your brand to Facebook.  Just when you finally have a solid routine of random comments and uploading pictures, the platform announces a soon coming change, the Facebook Timeline

Just when you thought “The Change” was only for middle aged women, Mark Zuckerburg forces even a young male to sweat and get irritated over some words and text shared on one of the world’s largest social media sites. 

The Timeline is coming and in spite of your fear or anger you have no other choice but to accept it. If posting about your exodus back to MySpace, a vow to squeeze everything into 144 characters on Twitter or to finally jump over and learn Google+ will help you feel better, go ahead and share your disgust with your friends.  Once you’re done posting and joining in on rants with your friends, feel free to come back and read this blog again. It will be here as a reference point to help you get past your disgust on The Change.

Now we’re no group of top psychologists, just a couple of marketing geniuses hoping to guide you through The Change.  And because our background on soothing others through emotional trauma is quite limited, we turned to Yahoo (yes- they still have a search engine) to locate reasons to explain the feelings surrounding change and how to get over them.

Results from the search brought us to Lance Armstrong’s site and a blog called, “Accepting Change”.

Here are a few relevant points we stumbled across:

Change is:
* A break in the normal routine.
* A threat to our security.
* An alteration in our current life-style.
* The unknown, the ambiguous, the uncertainty one must face after a loss.
* The challenging of old beliefs, attitudes and values after a loss occurs.
* The modification of current patterns of social interaction and conduct in adjusting to an altered life after a loss occurs.
* Unsettling the calm and peace previously established.

What are some irrational beliefs we have about change?
* Change is bad.
* I could never adjust to that change.
* Change is unfair.
* Things in my life should always remain the same.
* I’ve experienced too much change in my life, and I don’t want anymore change!
* If I ignore it, it will go away.
* There must be something I can do to avoid this change.

The blog goes on to discuss 5 ways to adjust to change, but we have our own tailored just for you and The Timeline.  Whether you’re a small business owner, entertainer, speaker, fashion industry professional or non-profit leader, you’ll need to prepare yourself now for the impeding change.

Here are 5 Steps to Overcoming the Change:

  1. Start evaluating your photos currently posted on Facebook.  The new Timeline will focus heavily on images.  Those blurry, too dark or taken while severely intoxicated pictures will now be boldly displayed on your profile page.  Decide now what is appropriate for your image. What will need to be public and what will need to be kept private.  Think quality over quantity when it comes to the photos you permit to be displayed.
  2. Decide if your Facebook page will be for personal use, business use or a mixture of both.  Making this decision will help you to determine if indirectly yet openly talking about your neighbor’s bad kids are really what you want displayed for posterity.
  3. Content is key. Think of your favorite magazine on hyper-steroids featuring you and your brand 24/7. Are your topics important or intriguing to others? How will your friends respond to the words you enter into your status? How often will you keep your “friends” updated? Those words will be the star feature of your publication called your “Facebook Wall” so choose them wisely if you want faithful readers.
  4. Determine what apps are safe for you to interact with that will not cause you embarrassment. Nothing against Mafia Wars or Farmville, but do you want your consistent 3 am gaming habit displayed to your friends or potential clients?
  5. Don’t forget, this is social media. You are the ones who decide and restrict what is shared with the world.  If you don’t want others to know, don’t post it or delete it.

The Change is coming and our prescription for it is similar to the one given to women for years. Stay cool and you’ll get through it.


Accepting Change.
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