Finished reviewing the Nielsen Media’s

Finished reviewing the Nielsen Media’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report” for Q3 2011. Just in time to confirm our information and plans for our clients and 2012.

Here are two quick facts for you to digest:
1. 70% of active adult social media users shop online
2. Social networks and blogs dominate nearly 25% of American’s time online.

Process those big facts for your small business.

Good morning. Just in case some of you h

Good morning. Just in case some of you have a fan page and noticed your insights number dropped, keep in mind the Facebook News Feed sorting changed. Therefore, do the best you can to encourage your “fans” to ensure their “Sort” menu in the top right of the “News Feed” is set to “Recent Stories First”. This will aid in your posts being seen. Don’t forget…it’s not just about the number of “likes”. Happy Thursday!