12 Tips for Marketing in 2012

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging and a busy lifestyle.  Maintaining your place in the marketplace is vital to ensuring your business constantly grows.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will share our 12 Tips for Marketing in 2012. You may have heard some of them before, but now you will learn the importance of each one.  Why each tip is crucial towards success.

Each day you will find a new tidbit discussing the importance of each tip.  If you find these tips to be of great use to you, please let us know.  Also, sharing with your fellow business associates is always good.  You’ll find yourself applying a tip to good practice in doing so.

Without further adieu, let’s get started.

12 Tips for Marketing in 2012

Tip #1

Image is everything. From the table displays, to packaging, photos and all flyers. Even if you have to break each item down over a period of time. Always display your best.

Check your local arts and/or office supply store for great economical table display items. Also, if you plan ahead and don’t need the items for a few weeks, contact your local printer to see if they will have any specials or if you can catch another “batch run” at a later date for a possible discount. This may or may not yield a discount with some printers. Even if you don’t receive a discount/deal, NEVER suffer quality to save a few dollars.