Day 2 of the Journey – 12 Tips for Marketing in 2012

So glad to see you have decided to return to the blog today for more information. 

Each business day or until the 12th tip is posted, you will find a new tidbit discussing the importance of these facets of marketing.  It is our hope that with every tip, you find yourself reviewing your plans and/or understanding why your business requires you to continue performing in these areas.

Marketing isn’t magic, but on some days it does feel like science.

So continue to follow us through this journey and if you find these tips to be of great use to you, please let us know.

Also, be sure to share with your fellow business associates.  Sharing builds the bonds of partnership leading to more business for both of you.  

Without further adieu, on to tip number two.

12 Tips for Marketing in 2012

Tip #2

Be consistent with your image and brand.

All businesses should use the same logo, color scheme for documents or other items for an uniformed look.  People must be able to quickly identify your brand.

Stores or businesses who participate in public events as vendors should consider how their employees are dressed to ensure it too is complementary to the image.

If your business caters to middle to high income customers, a messy store or office with employees who have uncombed hair and flip-flops could prevent a person from making a purchase.

Don’t forget tip #1…. Image is Everything!