Happy Monday! Day 5 of the Journey – 12 Tips for Marketing in 2012

Hopefully you had a great weekend and are ready to jump back into moving your business forward in 2012. 

The question of  “what do you recommend to help me grow my business” is one we hear constantly.  When deciding to compile these tips, we had those individual conversations in mind.  And although we may never be at a party or event with some of you, this is your chance to hear the answers posed to our marketing company which is the most repeated question of business owners from all industries.  

Please share these free tips of advice with your business associates.  We’re looking forward to seeing an exponential growth in sales for small businesses every where in 2012. 

So without further adieu…

Tip #5

Grow and feed brand ambassadors.

In general, people like to feel a part of what is good and they love sharing about what makes them feel good. Keep these individuals updated about new things and feed them with the goodness of what you have to offer.  Some of our best customers have come from the brand ambassadors we’ve fed along the way. 

Now it’s your turn.  Feed YOUR ambassadors.