Day 8 of the Journey – 12 Tips for Marketing in 2012

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“The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such.” – Andre Maurois.

Do your customers and business associates turn to you for advice.  Sure you can’t always give away “free” advice, but there is a bit of prosperity linked to being a noted go-to person in your field.

What do people acknowledge you for in your field?  Or do they even know you?

Tip #8

Be an industry leader.

People want to turn to trusted experts. If you own a fashion boutique or line, customers want to know you are aware of the current styles and how they should be worn. Show you not only know your industry, but can also help others navigate through it.

This tip is hard for a few business owners as it requires one to lose any insecurities of losing customers, a competitor replacing them and/or to remain humble in their presentation of their knowledge (no one wants a know it all or person who looks down on them).