Happy Friday! Day 9 of the Journey – 12 Tips for Marketing in 2012


Happy Friday! 

You’re almost there!  Just a few more days to having a total of 12 tips to make you successful this year. 

Please take each tip and make it a checklist for your success this year.  Review it often.  Implement what’s missing and make this a banner year for your business.

For those of you who are available on Saturday (tomorrow), January 14th, Above Promotions’ Creative Director, Ebony Grimsley, will appear on WEAL’s radio program in North Carolina via phone.  What will she talk about?  The 12 Tips of course!  Tune in at 11 am online at http://www.1510weal.com/ to hear her discuss incorporating the tips into your marketing plan for 2012.

Tune in!  We’ll be back on Monday to help close out the list.  But let’s not overlook today’s important tip.

Tip #9

Survey the land.

Never be afraid of good feedback. A customer satisfaction survey once or twice a year (depending on volume) can be an effective tool.  It’s from the feedback of others that some great inventions and new ideas were created.   Also, customers feel better knowing they are being listened to and are more than just a figure on your books.

Be careful in how you respond to their feedback.  Ignoring will give the wrong impression and changing on every idea will lead you in circles and take you away from your goals.