It’s Finally Here! The last day of the 12 Tip Journey!

It’s been a long but well thought out journey.  Thank you so much for taking it with us.  More importantly thanks for making a decision to help grow your business in 2012.  Your success helps to create jobs and fosters growth in our communities. 

The 12 Tips of Marketing in 2012 were created to help the small business owner and those venturing into entrepreneurship this year.  It’s never easy to cram tons of information into digestable bites, but it was worth it according to messages we’ve received.

Please don’t forget to follow the blog either via email or WordPress.  We’ll continue posting regularly here throughout the remainder of the month.  So don’t stop visiting us.  You do not want to miss the big discussion for next month, “The Power of the Social Media Share Buttons”.  We’ll tackle the biggest offense small business owners make in regards to the “like” button and why they are focusing on the wrong one.

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Without further adieu, the final and most important tip of them all….

Tip #12


In order to grow your business, you have to continually invest in it.  Review your business plan to ensure your rates allow for regular opportunities to spread the word about your business.  Seek out expert consultation.  Failure to invest on a regular basis in marketing your business will cause its growth to be slow or non-existent.

Always remember, you cannot expect others to pay you or invest in you if you’re not investing in yourself.


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