Publicist Takes a Stand…

When Paula Deen‘s recent admittance of having diabetes hit the air waves the reactions were mixed.  The announcement of her being a spokesperson for a pharmacetical drug company, struck some major nerves.  More noticeably it was said to have struck the nerve her long time publicist, Nancy Assuncao.

Whether or not Paula was right to accept the role is not up for debate here.  What is being highlighted from this story is the fact that her former publicist, decided to no longer represent Paula after her decision was made to endorse, Victoza, a Novo Nordisk drug. 

Often times publicists are stereotyped as being sharks in the eye of the general public.  Although the reasons surrounding the departure is still foggy to the public, it was refreshing to hear reports of a fellow media professional taking a stand for principles they believed in.  Trust, it happens more often than the public realizes.

Kudos to you Nancy Assuncao for publicly standing by what you believe!