What Type of Drink is Your Social Media?

So you think you’ve mastered your social media sites.  Posting your thoughts or opinions on to white space within your various social media sites.  Getting a couple of likes, here and there.  But if you were to look at your posts and efforts, what type of drink would they reflect?

The Weak Drink:

Few posts here and there.  occasional reposts of same topic and words. 

The Cloudy Mixed Drink:

A little bit of this and that, mixed with this and that and none of it adding up to engagement or interest in your business.

The Strong Drink:

Are you engaging the viewers or talking down and upsetting their stomach?

The Sweet Drink:

Posting regularly and giving very little to sustain the audience.

Finding  the right mix is crucial.  It’s not just about finding a topic and posting it for readers to see scroll across their page.  Like mixing a drink, some people are mixologists and others are novices pulling anything off the shelf to give to their readers to drink.

Take time care and effort and in the least consider hiring or consulting with an expert (like Above Promotions Company) to ensure your drinks (topics) are smooth and potent enough to do the job. 

At the end of the day, you want to leave your readers wanting more.  Give them content they will crave.  Then you’ll be able to say like “The Most Interesting Man in the World” (Dos Equis), “Stay Thirsty, My Friends.”