Reality TV Junkies Will Love the Facebook Movie App for Timeline

Facebook and Definition 6 have teamed up to create an app that creates movies from your timeline.  That’s right!  All of you who love reality tv shows will be able to create your own.  Well not so in-depth, but still intriguing movie about your life on the social media giant’s site. 

Now we know many of you are either in like or dislike with the recent Facebook changes.  Some of you have opted to try  it and have even reverted back to the old interface.   Although Facebook has pushed back the official forced date of all users on Timeline, “The Change” will occur.   To help make the transition smoother they have partnered with Definition 6, thus making all of us stars in our own online movie. 

With that said, we had to try the new app, called “Timeline Movie Maker”.  (Way to keep it simple guys.  To access this app and try creating your own movie, visit  It’s simple enough to use.  And of course you must be willing to trump your own privacy settings for it to work, but it must be said, if you’re using social media sites already, keeping your life totally private is near impossible.

The process runs on its own leaving you with the ability to update your other pages.  After several minutes, we were impressed with the movie presentation. 

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker
Above Promotions Tries Facebook Timeline Movie Maker

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