Twitter’s Branded Pages Will Cost You

Disney Pixar's Twitter Brand Page

Initially a month or so ago many practitioners in the public relations and marketing fields, like ourselves, ran to Twitter‘s news page to find out more information regarding the branded pages.  Excitement grew of the thought of being able to create a page where a customer’s brand could stand out amongst the pages of the average consumer.  To much dismay we learned the pages were only opened to a select few, but wait… others would have the chance to jump in soon.

We learned a few days ago that customers could take advantage of finally signing up for a branded page soon.  However, it was also revealed that a business would have to purchase a minimum of $25,000 in ad products from Twitter to obtain the page.  So it’s with bitter sweetness that we can report that many small businesses may find it tall feat to obtain a Twitter Brand Page, while other clients with spending power can.

What about you?  Will you add obtaining a Twitter Brand Page to your advertising budget for 2012?  If so, let us know and we will certainly visit your page.