Paula Deen: A Picture and Video is Worth A Thousand Words

A Picture is worth a few hundred words these days.  People are so clever with Photoshop and other photo enhancing software programs that many don’t always jump at the first image any longer.  However, when you couple the pictures with video and witty dialogue, now we’re cooking.  Easily a thousand words. 

Unfortunately, for Paula Deen, Food Network TV chef and entrepreneur, there is a video circulating of her eating a cheeseburger which is fueling the increase on words about her lifestyle.  Now this is a normal activity for many, but for someone who recently faced scrutiny over her choice to endorse a drug after being diagnosed with diabetes AND her publicist quitting on her, well this is no longer an ordinary meal selection.  She is now on the grill just as the burger was before hitting her plate.

As we praised her publicist for taking a public stance, it was not known at the time of our last blog on Deen’s publicist, the video below was posted.  What would have been a hope at the extensive words against her to take a decline, it has only fueled the public’s opinion.  And let’s face it….  The public’s opinion is all that matters, right?  Never mind her actual health.  It’s more important that the public sees her acting like most diagnosed with diabetes.

So here we are in a classic zone for crisis communication.  Paula Deen has an upcoming public appearance in California.  What should she do?  Address the public ridicule?  Or continue on with her normal southern charm address?

We want to hear from you.  What would your advice be to her? 

Check out the video below of her partaking in a cheeseburger on what is supposed to be a recent trip on a cruise.


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