It’s Superbowl Weekend! Are you ready for …

It’s the NFL Superbowl Weekend!  Retailers not only in Indianapolis, but in cities across America, are excited about this weekend.  From grocery to clothing stores and even tech companies, look forward to this weekend.  It is the blip on the entrepreneur’s radar that takes time to prepare for and helps generate jobs and cash for businesses.

Are you ready for the commercials?

We’ve already seen a few commercials featuring Matthew Broderick for Honda and Jerry Seinfeld for Acura.  What else will be unveiled and go viral?

Are you ready for the social media updates?

Businesses have stepped up their social media campaigns to tweet offers and field responses.  What topics will make the trends list?

Are you ready for the parties?

Stores will appreciate the surge in purchases over the weekend for food, electronics and clothing items.

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, this weekend is full of things to give your business or personal life a brief buzz.

Oh wait!  This post should have something in it about either NFL teams,the New York Giants or New England Patriots… Wonder who will win? 

Enjoy the festivities and be sure to check back with us on our thoughts on the best commercials that aired!


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