The Storm of A Crisis Always Dies Down

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The Storm of a Crisis Always Dies Down

What is today’s front page, becomes tomorrow’s small caption on the back.  And in today’s online world, the major headline dwindles to a future hyperlink in an upcoming column.  The same theory applies to this week’s top headlines stemming from the NFL Super Bowl.  Society has moved on to this weekend’s Grammy Awards and other news.

 Let’s recap what stirred the pot this week thanks to the Super Bowl.

 –          M.I.A.’s middle finger stunt over shadow’s Madonna’s performance.

–          Clint Eastwood was accused of being President Obama’s “puppet” because of Chrysler’s ad.

–          Teleflora, M&Ms and H&M stirred controversy amongst parent and family groups for “selling sex”.

–          Roland Martin and CNN end up in the hot seat over tweets.

–          NBC and NFL point fingers over M.I.A.’s above mentioned actions.

–          Victoria Secret Model, Gisele Bundchen, blames Patriots players for the loss.

Did we miss anything?

As you saw this morning, headlines have turned to other news, JCP and Ellen DeGeneres, The Grammy Awards show, New York Fashion Week and other topics will also lose their savor in a week.

The storm of a crisis always dies down.  It’s not the news of the crisis that kills a brand, but it is how it’s handled based on the public’s outcry that leaves a lasting impression.  Surely as a business continues to operate, it will encounter some form of outside criticism.  The last thing the public remembers is what affects the brand for months and years to come.  In the race of crisis communication and brand protection, you must be equipped to handle most major scenarios. 

Yes, all of these topics above will rise again; and Above Promotions Company will be here to share insights on how to handle a crisis in the face of the public.  If your company does not have a plan in place, please contact us.  From creating the plan, to being your company on standby “in case of an emergency”, we are available to discuss this and other important topics concerning protecting your brand and effectively communicating to the public.

Have a great weekend and let’s see if the Grammy’s give us anything to discuss next week!


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