Target and Adele… R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Target, Adele, Rolling Deep and PS22 Choir

Whether or not Adele won a Grammy for Record of the Year, Target took a chance on the star’s large voice to provide them with a great advertising opportunity.  She proved to be one of the most anticipated performances of the evening and the cross promotional commercial with the group of girls from the PS22 choir in New York singing her song, Rolling in the Deep, won the hearts of viewers.

Target proves once again, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Simply line your brand up with another and take advantage of what is popular and strong.

Unfortunately, the weekend was overshadowed by the recent passing away of singer, Whitney Houston right before the big night for the music industry.  A shock for many, her music and acting career will live on for years.  Prayers go out to her daughter, Bobbi Christina Brown, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston and the rest of Whitney’s family and friends.

Although she had some challenging years, her talent was her marvelous brand and it will always be remembered for years to come.

We at Above Promotions Company will always love you Whitney!


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