MSG Network… Did You Not Read Our Post Yesterday Before the Jeremy Lin graphic?

Jeremy Lin (New York Knick Player) - MSG Network Graphic Politically and Factually Incorrect
Jeremy Lin (New York Knick Player) – MSG Network Graphic Politically and Factually Incorrect. (courtesy of

Readers of our blog!  We must together do a better job of sharing the information posted here.  Clearly we failed to get yesterday’s blog, “Dark Humor No Longer In” into the hands of the team over at the MSG Network (a regional sports network covering New York city teams). 

It can be said that this graphic was PC (poor choice) all the way around.   It is one that a few viewers found a tad bit on the racist side.  While others found it to just be an image with an incorrect reference to the NBA player, Jeremy Lin.  (read the history of fortune cookies as well as Lin’s bio and you’ll know why.)

So we’ll just have to sit back and see if any groups will pop up asking for an apology or if MSG will offer one up first.  Wonder if anyone will also ask Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock to be suspended (see information on CNN and Roland Martin) for his tweet, ‘Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight’?  Or if anyone will attack Floyd Mayweather for his tweet?

All of these recent stories have provided us over here at Above Promotions Company answering the questions from associates as to which type of humor is appropriate these days.  Stick with this blog and we will share more with you on what is still safely to laugh at.  Well, at least this year.