Is the Levi’s Brand Hitting the Ad Mark for Their Curve Jeans?

An old Levi’s jean advertisement from 2010 has managed to circulate the internet again.  Rehashing the criticism previously experienced.

Levi's Curve Id ad - Photo courtesy of

However, the more recent ad does appear to be closer to addressing the concern of representing various curves.  It’s just not as obvious as to those who may not understand female body types.

Levi's more current ad - Courtesy of Shine -

Levi's more current ad - Courtesy of Shine -

What do you think?  At initial glance you would think these three women have the same body type, skinny. 
We admit the copywriting on the first ad above is lacking in effectiveness in relating the brand to the image.  (At least the font matches the words of the text)  In looking at the overall brand and understanding from a fashion stylist’s view-point of there actually being different body curves (apple, pear, triangle, square and not just skinny, average and obese) actually represented in the photo, the side profile from the models doesn’t fully articulate it.  A true fashion stylist  would demonstrate the body type from a full frontal view.  This would be where the viewer of the ad could see that one model is more Marilyn Monroe that the adjacent one.  This is also why we continue to stress to clients and potential ones, that a knowledgable Creative Director  who is familiar with the respective industry is crucial.  This ad simply needed a better translator to explain Levi’s point in their Curves line.  One could easily conclude the first ad was just an overall disaster. 
The second ad is better at showing the different body types, but may be missing in the message of focusing on the uniqueness of the brand.  So where does Levi’s go from here?  Their show at the recently passed Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week will tell soon enough. 
Hiring a good Creative Director to help execute your brand from concept to print is crucial.  Not all readers are fashion experts so many can easily miss the mark as many critics did.  Don’t let your advertising dollars go to waste.  Contact Above Promotions Company today for your consultation.