Tiger Woods in a Stare Down… Not So Sure About That

Tiger Woods - Courtesy of the Associated Press via Golfweek.com
Tiger Woods - Courtesy of the Associated Press via Golfweek.com

Well it goes without saying, the press conferences athletes participate in provide nice sound bites for hours, days and even years to follow.   One recent example of this is the press conference by Tiger Woods held before the Honda Classic in south Florida.  (Take a look at this clip of Tiger Woods posted on ESPN and let us know what you think.)

Woods former swing coach, Hank Haney, has a tell-all book on the golf star coming out this month a week prior to the upcoming Masters golf tournament.  While curious to know if the coach ever signed a confidentiality agreement, we do know Woods, his sports agent and his attorney are denouncing the book.  Which leads us to today’s analysis of the press conference and the mention of a soon to be released book titled, “The Big Miss”, by Hank Haney.

We haven’t read the book, haven’t spoken to Woods’ agent  and do not know the validity of the statement, but what we can see in this clip on ESPN.com, is Woods clearly setting out to discredit it and announce no further discussions will be made on the book.

What some may have called a stare down with GolfWeek.com’s senior writer, Alex Miceli, we call a pause to gather one’s thoughts.  It is clear leading up to the question by Miceli, Woods was working his game face and attempting to stay composed in admitting and somewhat explaining the attention he’s receiving over his lack luster playing.  He’s on guard and clearly thinking about the words he will use to discuss and not dwell on his performance or other negative attention. 

In studying the interview clip and being aware of how clients are coached in media relations and how they perform in front of the cameras, the extended silence from Woods doesn’t necessarily equate to a stare down at the OK Corral as being projected by the media.  This just may be a moment of collecting his thoughts which probably contained words from his attorney, publicist, agent and the inner man who wants to just focus on his job.  Sure he wasn’t welcoming the off-topic question from Miceli, however, looking in a direction of the person talking to you while thinking isn’t the automatic formula for a stare down.

The “have a good day” from Woods was clearly a verbal indication he was not going to continue to talk about the subject matter as the words that probably came to mind should not be used.  Not necessarily the best way to end a press discussion with a reporter in our books as it shows immediate and uncontrolled frustration over the subject matter.  Woods has been in the media long enough and has a team whom will definitely coach him on these few seconds.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?  What do you think?  Was Woods staring the sports reporter down?


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