NBA LA Clippers Management Asks Basketball Fan “Clipper Darrell” To Stop

Clipper Darrell - Image courtesy of Getty Images
Clipper Darrell - Image courtesy of Getty Images/Andrew D. Bernstein

Just how concerned would you be about your brand?  Are you willing to ask one of your most loyal fans to stop being a loyal fan?  What if your loyal fan was making money being associated with your brand without your consent?

When you read Clipper Darrell’s (Darrell Bailey) blog one would think, “wow, just how far will NBA team owners go.”  (See blog here titled, “I AM Devastated“)  You see, Mr. Bailey has been a long time fan of the Los Angeles Clippers.  (Less time than I’ve been an Orlando Magic fan by the way.  Go Magic!)  He is one of the most notable fans according to friends who live in the area.  So why would management of a franchise team who is just beginning to gain notoriety again be upset and want Mr. Bailey to no longer be “Clipper Darrell”?  Wouldn’t it help the team to have the extra marketing help with Mr. Bailey as a brand ambassador?

Before putting in some calls to contacts within the NBA, I ventured out on the internet to a few favorite basketball fan sites.  Low and behold, and had the full scoop on the story.  (I love it when my two passions collide: basketball meets marketing.)

In summary, the Clippers stated they merely wanted to control how their name brand is being represented.   He wasn’t asked to not be a fan of the organization, just not go out and represent himself as being a part of the organization and being compensated for it.  Perhaps this puts a wrinkle in where Mr. Bailey would go with his enthusiasm for his team, but it wouldn’t keep him from attending games and supporting the team.

It’s Friday, so I will keep this short.  What do you think?  Would you be upset if someone used your name for personal gain or in public for appearances unauthorized by you?

Looking forward to your responses.

Ebony T. Grimsley

Above Promotions Company

Orlando Magic Fan for Life!


2 thoughts on “NBA LA Clippers Management Asks Basketball Fan “Clipper Darrell” To Stop

  1. I am from the Los Angeles area and in 2088-2009, I was an intern for the Los Angeles Clippers. Having met “Clipper Darrell” I do not see the problem with him representing the team. And if he makes a little money off of it then that is good for him. He did not start out being Clipper Darrel for money, I don’t believe. He is a true die hard fan. They have covered him on the local news in LA and it was just a good story of a man who loves his team. The team did not have a problem when they were labelled the “step-child” of LA. I think that if a fan is showing support for my product and makes money in the process which helps his career or needs then it is fine. As long as it isn’t taking money from my company. Which Clipper Darrell is not. I do not believe he is selling products with Clipper label. I think that in the end it helps the team. It was giving them more coverage when they were not being noticed as much through NBA fans. Any way that gets your brand out without much cost from you is also a good win in my books. Instead of telling him to calm down they should embrace him and maybe work with him on a marketing level.

  2. Good points Erin. And you are correct the Clippers has been known for being the stepchild of the league.

    Being you have some insight into the organization, does the Clippers have any official community/brand ambassadors?

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