Lindsay Lohan Winning and Linning

It couldn’t be helped.  The media went a frenzy with NBA’s Jeremy Lin‘s story.  Now it’s Lindsay Lohan.

Well… Did you see the Saturday Night Live episode over the weekend where former child star turned bad girl hosted?  She did elude to being open about allowing writers of the long running show poke fun at her.  And the show didn’t disappoint with cast members questioning and frisking Lohan.  The opener and the Housewives of Disney spoof on the BRAVO TV‘s franchise went viral by Sunday morning proving to be a win-win for her and the show.

Yes, the producer of Saturday Night Live took a chance on bringing her on to host, but it was a calculated bet that cashed in quickly.

Lindsay Lohan. Image Courtesy of Saturday Night Live.

Certainly her publicist gave a few reasons for viewers to tune in:

  • Matt Lauer‘s interview on the Today Show
  • Taking advantage of the public’s sympathy level post-losing another famous party girl, Whitney Houston
  • Playing up redemption and Lohan being willing to face ridicule to move ahead

What do you think?  Can others cash in on this story of redemption?

Or better yet?  Did you catch any of the show or clips online?  How do you think she did?  Was her performance enough to merit more roles and trust by old and new fans?