Why It Should Be Ok to Subscribe to Social Media Lists

Above Promotions Company Twitter List
Above Promotions Company Twitter List
Follow Above Promotions Company and their Public Twitter and Facebook Lists.

As a public relations practitioner, you end up receiving several inquiries from associates to share your media contacts. 

While it is not our practice to share the mobile numbers and direct email addresses with the journalists and editors we’ve developed relationships with, we take no issue with you going to our Twitter or Facebook list and subscribing (following) them.  Many of which we’ve subscribed to or have been listed.

Although many users who create the lists do it for their own personal social media organization, some take offense to you piggy backing off of their efforts to compile the publications and contacts for your use.

Ultimately our “free-for-all” spirit in allowing our lists to be viewed by anyone is because of the following:

  • Having a public list allows us to send the DIY businesses to one location when receiving inquiries.  Above Promotions Company is knows as being a resource.  Our firm is built on solid relationships and they often begin with being a go-to-solution.
  • Ultimately the person who wants to do it all themselves isn’t typically a viable client for our business at the time of them seeking “free” information.  We believe the benefit of saving you time and us going directly to an individual at a news outlet carries more value to the person who wants to utilize their time for things other than building personal relationships with media professionals.  Time is money.  
  • It didn’t cost our firm any direct costs to add a name to these lists, therefore, we have no need to look for anything from someone who also may want to keep up with or contact the outlets on our lists.

Therefore, go forth and subscribe to our lists.  They’re waiting for you.




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