An Attempt to Digest Ben & Jerry’s Apple-y Change One Spoon At a Time

Ben & Jerry's Apple-y Ever After Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s has spent some time in the news lately.  Their “Taste the Lin-Sanity” limited edition ice cream sold in New York was met with some unfavorable responses due to the original use of fortune cookies within the recipe. 

Now they have announced a change of name within their United Kingdom market which has also made the news.  Ben & Jerry’s updated the name of their, “Oh My!” Apple Pie ice cream to “Apple-y Ever After” with a picture of two men being married.

The purpose of the blog isn’t to debate same-sex marriage, but to take a look from a marketing and consumer point of view at the name change one spoonful at a time.  In fact, this is a chance to figuratively eat their strategy question-by-question within one serving size.  Let’s see if it can be done.

Spoon 1.

The US and UK site vary slightly in their list of activism.  Both seem to fairly demonstrate a focus on social, environmental and the quality of the ingredients used.  However, in the US the focus on Occupy Wall Street is prevalent while the support of same-sex marriage was listed on the UK.  Will there be a return of Hubby Hubby to the US or a wider purchasing ability of it now? 

Spoon 2.

In selecting the image to use on the pint, was there not enough room to select two women to stand side-by-side also?   Is there flavor sexism within the brand?

Spoon 3.

Will they release a flavor for those in opposite sex marriage?  What would the name of that flavor be?  Would they use a celebrity couple on the carton?

Spoon 4.

What were the sales of the “Oh My! Apple Pie” before the name change?  Was that flavor the least or most selling one in the UK?

Spoon 5.

In taking a corporate stance on a topic unrelated to their industry, are there measurable benefits in sales for aligning themselves up with any activist group? 

That’s enough spoons on this topic for now.  It should measure out to be one serving size of the Ben & Jerry’s brand. 

What do you think of the name change?   Comment below with your spoonful of feedback.


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