Russell Brand and Steve Jobs Tribute???

Russell Brand - Courtesy of Getty Images/MTV. Above Promotions Company

In getting this morning’s Today Show on NBC fix, a report was aired on Russell Brand being issued a police warrant.  Brand apparently seized an iPhone from a photographer and threw it through a window at a law firm.

When Matt Lauer mentioned Brand’s reason why and what he posted on Twitter, it was definitely one for the pr and marketing books.  A search online provided this quote, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”

Oh, where does one begin?

On the marketing side, it can now be said that iPhones are pretty durable.  Who would have known it could break a glass window?  This could be potential for a new marketing ad for iPhone.  Doubtful though.

The publicist side says, “What were you thinking in that statement?”.  Surely a better response of apologizing for a brief lapse in judgement, followed by some vow to do better next time and report of what was done to make amends with the iPhone owner would have sufficed.  What was never to be expected and somewhat taboo was the tribute to Jobs, five months later.  Perhaps in folly a better response would have been an App told him to do it. 

Somehow it is doubtful in his excuse that a judge or the public will believe the statement.  However, perhaps the public will believe he somehow knew about the limited edition Steve Jobs doll per Mashable and he too wanted to honor Jobs’ memory. 

Although Russell Brand, did provide some practitioners a good laugh this week, Crisis Communication is not to be taken lightly.  The words uttered now affect the future. 

If ever in doubt on what to say to the public when you or your business messes up or you aren’t quite sure how to pay homage to Steve Jobs, please contact us at Above Promotions Company or an experienced pr firm.  Oh, and someone please let Brand know this blog post was a tribute to the memory we now have of him.



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