Mending Broken Fences: Jeremy Lin and ESPN Editor

Jeremy Lin New York Knicks Point Guard

Jeremy Lin New York Knicks Point Guard. Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/Yahoo Sports

If you recall a few weeks ago, a post was shared here regarding Jeremy Lin and one of the offensive remarks which took place publicly.

Since then, one of the most publicly scrutinized one has probably come from an ESPN editor, Anthony Federico.  Anthony was fired and re-hired later by the sports network.

Well, don’t we all like the story of mending broken fences?  Apparently it is a common known fact to help repair an image.  Why else would the story of the two having lunch together be shared to the news.  People sit down to eat every day.  These two sitting down is a story of goodwill.

Nonetheless, it was a fine attempt to continue to eliminate concerns on the comment, “chink in the armor” being a purposely, malicious, racist one.  Crisis diffused?

Check out the quote from Federico on the site and tell us what you think.