Sarah Palin and the TODAY Show… Bad call for NBC?

Sarah Palin TODAY Show Appearance April 3 2012.  Image courtesy of

Sarah Palin on the TODAY Show Appearance April 3 2012. Image courtesy of



On Monday, it was announced that Sarah Palin (former Governor of Alaska) would be a guest co-host today on the NBC broadcast of the TODAY Show.   Immediately after the announcement was made, viewers began to post on social media feeds their dislike of Palin’s soon-to-be appearance.

Our impromptu and informal poll about her co-host position, “Will you tune in or out”, on our Above Promotions Company Facebook page did not yield one person stating they would tune in because Palin to watch her.

Based on the comments of the regular viewers of the TODAY Show, it almost appeared as a left over April Fools joke to many.  It may quite possibly be the rantings of a small select group of people, but with over 2,000 comments and climbing via the image above posted on the TODAY Show’s Facebook page, it is hard pressed to find positive comments supporting NBC‘s call in selecting Palin.  Did the TODAY show hurt their image?  (Wonder how Matt Lauer felt about the show today?)

What do you think?  Did you watch the show today?  Or did you tune out?  Did you enjoy Katie Couric’s guest co-host appearance on Good Morning America (GMA) this morning?