Nike and the NFL Unveiling Yields More Branding Opportunities

Nike and the NFL Unveil Few Changes in Uniforms. Image Courtesy of

Well it wasn’t a Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week type of unveiling, yet yesterday’s display still managed to get people talking about Nike’s revamp of the NFL player‘s uniforms and gloves.

While many fans had hoped for more revisions in the looks of the athletic gear, only a few changes were worth noting, at first.  New gloves, better material and the Seattle Hawks obtaining a new on-field image isn’t the only thing we noticed. 

New Seattle Seahawks Uniform.  Image Courtesy of Getty Images/CBS Sports.

Of course the obvious insert of the neon green that Nike is calling, “Action Green”, based on a color they state is found in the Seattle area, stood out.  But it was the gloves which caught Above Promotions Company’s attention.

Ever notice the in-zone celebrations during a football game?  On “Any Given Sunday“, you will find players dancing, fist pumping or throwing up hand signs related to some organization or city.  Now we have the new gloves which reflect the brand of the team. 

How will this change the actions of the players when they celebrate on the field?  Will this obvious brand placement contribute to more camera shots for the respective teams?  Will players take to uniformly showing the team’s logo at each possible chance?

Not only is this a smooth branding opportunity by the NFL and team owners, but it’s also a chance to create more team and sport camaraderie.  Let’s face it.  It can’t hurt.  There are still some people trying to get over the lockout last year.

If only the NBA players had a reason to wear gloves?