Can You Create Viral Content?

Hillary Clinton Rejecting Mark Zuckerberg's Friend Request.  Image courtesy of Texts By Hillary.
Hillary Clinton Rejecting Mark Zuckerberg's Friend Request. Image courtesy of Texts By Hillary.

Read an interesting article yesterday on by Bob Garfield.  It was titled, “Quit Wasting Your Time and Money on Making Viral Videos.”  It swung pretty far left, but in reading it to the end, you can see his underlying point of not focusing on creating a viral video, but creating one with purpose.

Then this morning’s segment on the TODAY Show, revealed a viral movement featuring Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton by publicists Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith.  “Texts from Hillary” has gone what?  Viral.  With a Tumblr and Facebook page dedicated to putting images of celebs who are on their phone text messaging with an image of Mrs. Clinton has created LOLZ all over the net.

 So the answer to the question, can you create viral content?  Yes and Probably Not.   Can the type of content that interests people be created and go viral?  Yes.  Can you alone put together something that will circulate the internet and draw national attention from various media outlets?  Yes.  Will what you create do so?  Probably not. 

This post isn’t to discourage anyone, but let’s face the facts here.  In one week on tumblr, two publicists were able to make their concept go around the world. 

There are many videos and concept images that are funny and if they had the help of experts behind them, they too would have gone viral. 

Oh.  Failed to mention the Million Hoodie march in honor of Trayvon Martin and concept which went viral, was started by Daniel Maree who works at an ad agency in New York.

As Garfield points out in his article, you can spend money attempting to create viral content and your work doesn’t produce results.  However, there is something to be said about the well thought out and timely movement of a professional being behind content people have interest in.

What do you think?

Can YOU create viral content?  Or do you need help from experts to make the product go viral?



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