Get In the Social Media and Mobile Game

Pinterest logo.  Image Courtesy of Social Fresh/Pinterest.

As kids most of us had a physical education class in school.  There was always at least one sport covered you really weren’t a fan of and you really didn’t want to play in.  In speaking with many small and medium business owners, this seems to be the same attitude towards social media and mobile marketing efforts.  It’s as though people are waiting to be told to jump in and that it’s their turn now.  Well, today’s post is here to do just that!  It’s time for you to get in the social media and mobile marketing game!

The 2012 Digital Marketer Report was released by Experian Marketing Services recently.  Within it contains an abundance of information concerning consumers and various marketing channels.  Of interest to us is the confirmation of two things, Pinterest is growing in popularity and mobile usage is “on the rise”.  These are not extreme revelations, but do go a long way in helping to drive home the point of ensuring your 2012 marketing plan includes these ways of reaching new customers.

Pinterest seemed like a fad at first with many businesses ignoring it or waiting to see its numbers for users before deciding to jump in the game.  Now over the past couple of months large brands such as Huffington Post, Oprah, Etsy, Martha Stewart and others are playing and growing their fan base. (Social Fresh)

As you know, the internet is the best way to be available for information to potential customers 24 hours a day.  Leads are often generated during the non-business hours.  In all cases of new clients contacting you, they have typically began their search based off of what they have seen online.  So are you fully in the game yet?

Yes, there are various social media websites out now and it seems as though new ones start monthly.  But the numbers from this Experian report do not lie. 

1. Facebook: 7 billion

2. Twitter: 182 million

3. Pinterest: 104 million

4. LinkedIn: 86 million

5. Tagged: 72 million

6. Google+: 61 million

(Experian Marketing Services/

It is difficult to personally maintain an aggressive social media campaign in-house and keep a strong focus on the entire marketing and sales for your business.  It’s really the best reason to contract such activities out.  Long gone are the days of listing in the Yellow Pages Phone Book and running advertisements in your local newspaper.  These numbers prove you must change your strategy in order to gain exposure for your business and increase new customers.  So why not go ahead and get in the game as a coach and hire your players? 

Another recent study indicated that businesses with consumer products tend to receive more calls directly from their mobile site these days.  Resisting using mobile messaging and having a smartphone friendly site is crippling your chance at growing your bottom line.

It’s time to get in the game.  Release the unwillingness to change, invest and engage in social media and mobile marketing.  The game has already begun.  Don’t wait until the fourth quarter to get off the bench!


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