Pay Dirt for Reality TV Shows

Ryan Seacrest.  Photo Courtesy of Fox/

Apparently unscripted television is where the real bucks are at.  

While checking various news feeds and an article by The Hollywood Reporter titled, “Ryan Seacrest: 5 Things I Learned From Dick Clark“, a related article was revealed, “Ryan Seacrest to continue as ‘American Idol’ host“.   Intrigued of course by the amount of advertising dollars being spent on reality television programs, one had to read it just to see how much he would make. 

Well the article didn’t disappoint. and The Hollywood Reporter has stated, Seacrest will earn $30 million for a two-year contract.  True Idol fans can find relief in his official stay on the show. 

What will this mean for advertisers? 

Social Media Commenting Growth for American Idol per Blue Fin for Ad Age.  Image courtesy of Ad Age.
Social Media Commenting Growth for American Idol per Blue Fin for Ad Age. Image courtesy of Ad Age.

It’s no wonder a lucrative deal for Seacrest can be made.  The potential for increasing 30 second commercial rates is clearly an option for Fox.  Especially since brands like Coca-Cola are reserving commercials for programs individuals are actively talking about, per MSN Money

And it would be a mistake not to mention the other big financial news in reality tv this week.  The Kardashians receiving $40 million for three more seasons, per one of our favorite trusted sources, TMZ

The reality family America loves to hate, has a following which obviously translates to more viewers and more advertising dollars for E!.

Somewhere in there, there is a lesson to be learned?  Or this was just another post to help get you thinking about how you can apply some  big marketing techniques to your business?  Or you can just forego your dreams of selling jewelry and sell your story on your journey to one day entering the marketplace with something tangible?  You decide.

Happy Wednesday!


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