Top 10 Reasons to Love WordPress

Above Promotions Company Loves to Blog with Wordpress! Copyright Svilen Milev.
Above Promotions Company Loves to Blog with WordPress!  Copyright Svilen Milev.
Above Promotions Company Loves to Blog with WordPress! Copyright Svilen Milev.

Sure it seems a bit taboo to do a post on WordPress about loving WordPress, but it just makes sense.

There’s a sense of joy in checking the stats or replying to comments.   Of course sharing great information and having a place to share the witty thoughts that creep into mind at 1 am helps too, but it’s so much more.

Here are 10 reasons to love using for blogging:

1. Bet you think we just posted this blog this morning.  Nope!  Scheduled publishing rocks!

2. When we attempted to download a software and it locked up the computer.  Oh no!  What happened to our great blog for Wednesday?!  It was auto-saved to a Draft status.  And we were right back in business.

3. Well, did you enjoy the “Pay Dirt for Reality TV” post from Wednesday?  Well looks like not as much as you did the “Don’t Let Your Facebook Cover Photo Get You Into Trouble” one.  Thanks to the stats feature.

4. Who know we were so international?  The country breakdown summary is another cool touch thanks to WordPress.

5. The days of wondering if anyone found the content useful enough to share with others is gone.  Love the ability to receive an email whenever another user inserts a link to their page, back to ours.  The power of sharing is awesome!

6. Knowing our readers are smart enough to check the facts, quotes and links contained within the blogs is cool.  Let’s us know they aren’t easily fooled and expect to receive truthful information.

7. Sometimes we nail it and sometimes we don’t.  WordPress let’s us know right away by informing us if a topic covered in the post is of interest to those searching the internet.

8. We don’t publish these words to harbor them to ourselves.  That’s why we love the social sharing plugins attached to the blog post.  Simple for others to share valuable information on publicity, marketing and promotional topics.

9. Mobility on the Blackberry has to be one of the top reasons to love WordPress.  Well at least if your a Blackberry owner.  Blackberry isn’t getting much love in the mobile application world right now.  So anyone still helping us to stay business savvy on the go, is a winner in our book.

10. Final reason to love WordPress, we only need to come up with the million dollar content.  Their developers user their millions, well at least that’s what Worth of Web says they’re worth, to make it look good.  That’s a great investment!

Now you know why we love WordPress.  Tell us why you like using it or what you use instead as your online content manager.


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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Love WordPress

  1. Yes, you are right the best thing is auto seo optimisation, plugins etc that’s why wordpress stands out of other blogging platforms, as it powers 50 blogs out of 100 best blogs of of world.

  2. Keep at it. Write about topics that will be of interest to others, use good keywords/tags and keep posting it in visible locations. Thanks for reading our blog! Best wishes with your blog!

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