What Happens at 1,000 Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers? pt 2

Is Your Team Sitting Around Wondering Why Fan Likes are Going Up and Leads Aren't Coming In?  Photo Courtesy of Sigurd Decroos.
Is Your Team Sitting Around Wondering Why Fan Likes are Going Up and Leads Aren’t Coming In? Photo Courtesy of Sigurd Decroos.

“Like our page and you get a free jar of jam!”

People believe in enticing possible fans for free goods or services is a good way to gain more “likes” in the social media world in an attempt to hit a magical fan number.  It’s important to go back and read pt 1.  We’re not stating to forego growing an audience who will eventually become customers or help you to gain new ones.  This is merely a continuation of a look at the overall goal.  Don’t lose sight of basic marketing principles.  Always create value for potential customers whether on Facebook or Twitter.  They are merely tools.

You have to ask yourself what happens after they like your page and do not receive a free subscription to your jam of the month club?  What happens to the person who “liked” you?  (Jam is just a reference point.  We love jam!)  Will they keep coming back to the page or forget they provided you with a “courtesy like”.

Just as a side note on the topic of promotions, before you offer any incentive in the form of a promotion for someone being the 1000th person to like your page, be sure you read the Facebook guidelines.  That type of offer is prohibited by the social media giant.  (Check out our blog on how to not get into trouble over promotions on Facebook.)

It is so important to note that it is not being said to stop seeking potential customers on any social media site.  You’re supposed to chase after avenues for leads.  It’s just crucial to not forget the marketing basics.  You have to focus on what happens after people hit the like button.  Just because they hit the initial like, doesn’t mean they will continue to come back.  Which would mean getting to that 1,000 like didn’t really do much, but put up a visible mile marker that may not translate into dollars in your bank account.

Think of it this way.  You would never walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to “like” or “follow” you.  You hang out and make yourself friendly.  You show you’re a person of character and you could be someone they could really like.  And that’s the “social” part many are forgetting when using various sites to promote their business.  You must give people a reason to engage with you or in the least check on your page and business offerings from time to time.

So, what happens at 1,000 likes or followers?  Probably the same thing that happened at 40 likes under misdirected efforts, nothing.  Focus on being a better content guru and you’ll see a better return on your time and social media budget.

If you have any major success stories over what happened when you hit a certain number of likes, please share with us. 


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