Would You Remove Your Facebook Like, Twitter Follow or YouTube Subscription?

Would You Unfollow Someone If They Didn't Follow or Like You Back?  Photo Courtesy of RadioNow.com.

Would You Unfollow Someone If They Didn’t Follow or Like You Back? Photo Courtesy of RadioNow.com.


It’s no secret in the social media sites, many business owners want to get their “fan” numbers up.  Often times it is easy to see the business owners who have lost direction and appear almost rude in attempting to obtain them.  Now we don’t take any issue with the personal unlikes similar to Katy Perry and Russell Brand or Rihanna and Chris Brown for unfollowing one another on Twitter.  However, we think on a professional level, it’s a totally different thing to go back and UnLike, UnFollow and UnSubscribe from a page, because the person didn’t follow you back.  It would make sense to do so if the company posts items not in line with your personal beliefs, but another, because they decided not to follow your brand.

Being a part of many LinkedIn and Facebook business groups, it is not uncommon to see introductory threads asking new members to provide their information and social media pages so others can follow in support.  Through these various boards, you’ll see those same owners get frustrated when someone has not “liked” their page back.  Now because of some random discussion to follow one another didn’t turn out like you desired, you’re upset.  You probably never would have become a fan if it weren’t for the post you joined.

So now what?  Do you just leave your “like” there or remove it?

So They Didn't Follow You Back.  Business Owners Social Media Pout.  Image courtesy of Free Coloring Sheets.

So They Didn’t Follow You Back. Business Owners Social Media Pout. Image courtesy of Free Coloring Sheets.


Unfortunately, some people are making removing likes a bigger and non-relevant issue than it should be.  What is now occurring more often online are public rants and tantrums because someone failed to reciprocate becoming a “fan”.  These emotional responses over something which will more than likely have no financial impact on a person’s business are increasing.  What started out as a positive way to introduce your brand has now turned into negatively affecting it.  You simply can’t force someone to buy from you.  In turn, you can’t force someone to “like” you online or in-person.  Bullying a person into “liking” you will not help your bottom line, nor increase any chances of establishing healthy business relationships.

Instead of focusing wasted energy on having one less follower, instead put energy into engaging the ones you do have and are riding along with your brand because they are interested.  Think brand awareness, think engagement and think converting legitimate leads.  By keeping this in mind, you will remain professional in an ever-changing world.  Someone may not need your services now, but stay active in positive networking and they just may remember you in the future.


Have you seen any of these public tantrums or rants online over not following someone?  If so, please feel free to share your story or simply “like” this post.  Don’t worry, we won’t “unfollow” you if you don’t.


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