OMG 100!

100 Blog Posts by Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL.  Image courtesy of
100 Blog Posts by Above Promotions Company, Tampa, FL. Image courtesy of


Well some of our faithful readers may have wondered why we haven’t posted all week.  Yes, our plates are full with two upcoming events (one of which sold out in 3 weeks, 2 weeks prior to it), plus the convention for the National Association of Black Journalists and three large projects for Above Promotions Company itself.  But that isn’t the reason for the lack of posts this week.  WordPress’ notification popped up last week stating we had one more post until we reached 100!

The internal pressure mounted.  What will we post for number 100?!  It needed to be something worthy of such a number.  Something that would revolutionize readers’ businesses.  Or maybe we should recap all of the posts with the most traffic?  The ideas ran around for days.  The Above Promotions Company’s promotional manager suggested a blog on how we can help people pack out their promotional or fundraising events.  However, that seemed like a bit too much information to giveaway.  But finally, in a place where most great ideas come from (morning traffic), it was decided.  We’ll talk about just a few of the posts we wished we hadn’t shared to land us to 100.  Yep.  This, the 100th blog, is a roast to ourselves.  OMG!  What were we thinking?

#3   Russell Brand and Steve Jobs Tribute???

What were we thinking?  Not only is Russell Brand’s brand suffering, but his statement proved to be irrelevant to the masses as no one talked about his “tribute” of throwing an iphone at a window.  Although his quote was foolish, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory”, the lack of views or response from that post was definitely a ‘doh’ moment for us.  Only write about relevant people.

#2   Top 10 Reasons to Love WordPress

Although we received a large number of reads from this post, plus it had a few comments and likes, the number one mission of this post failed.  Yes, we really do love WordPress.  Yes, we love sharing the benefits to those who aren’t using it as a Content Management System or blog platform, but that was the goal of doing the post.  Call it narcissistic, but there was great hope in landing a position on the featured blogs for the day by doing the post.  Why wouldn’t the WordPress team not love to share a blog about their platform with their other users?  Well it seemed like a great idea.  Although, we’ll continue to share the benefits and will even talk about WordPress on the WEAL radio show on Saturday, June 9th morning at 11 am (, this was definitely a reality check to go back to the drawing board.  The goal to be featured will remain a priority.

#1  #SoldOutChat is back! Join us tonight Se

This is the one that caused us to REALLY shake our heads.  Do you remember what it was like to use a shiny new toy?  Well that is what HootSuite was for us at the time.  Initially, the team was just using it to post to Facebook and Twitter.  Then, we discovered it could be used for WordPress as well!  Fabulous, right?!  Apparently this one, which was supposed to just be a Facebook post, ended up being marked to also post to WordPress.  Not a problem, right?  Can’t promote your own event in too many places, right?  Well the team didn’t realize how HootSuite would display a WordPress post that was shared with other social media sites.  Thus, you have the blog title which made no sense and one of the shortest blogs we’ve ever written.  Oh well.  You live and learn.

(As an honorable mention, the blog on Lindsay Lohan would have made the list too, but we wouldn’t want the mistake of making this blog longer on a topic no one cared about the day it posted.  And as you can see from #3, we’ve learned our lesson in that area.)

Whew!  Now that this post is up, we can breathe now and go back to sharing other topics with you. The pressure of 100 was bigger than we thought.

Thanks to those who have grown with us along the way and contributed to the thousands of views we’ve received thus far.  Stay tuned for more and please share with others.

Have a great weekend and wish you the best on your 100th or 1,000th post!


Above Promotions is a full service publicity, marketing and promotions company, founded with the purpose to serve an array of clients that are looking to expand their presence in the marketplace.  From a local to international market, Above Promotions Company can provide the exposure that goes above your expectations.  Visit today.




2 thoughts on “OMG 100!

  1. Well I thoroughly enjoy all the blog posts from Above Promotions! I am usually a skimmer but I always find myself reading the whole thing! Great job to all!

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